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Hi, I'm new here. So yeah. I just wanted to post my story here. It's yuki/kyo/yuki. My first fic. So please be nice.

Title:Me, Myself, and Yuki
Author:BinuyashaS7 (um that me)
Status:not finished
Disclaimer:I don't own Fruits Basket

Me, Myself, and Yuki

Disclaimer: I do not own Fruits Basket.

Author’s Notes: Hi this is my first fan fiction. I hope you like it. This is a Yuki/Kyo fanfic. Yep Yep and you know what that means YAOI!! This chapter is short but next chapter will be much longer.

Here are the translation to some of the Japanese words I am going to be using:






Holding Hands

Chapter 1

Kyo’s POV

“KUSO NEZUMI!!” I yelled form on top of the roof. Remembering the fight I just had with Yuki. ‘Kuso nezumi thinks he so superior. He makes me so mad. One day I’m going to bash his face in.’ I thought as I led there watching the sky as the sun was about to set.

Yuki’s POV

Meanwhile, Yuki was in his room trying to concentrate on studying for his history test. But his mind kept going back to Kyo. Yuki is deeply in love with the neko but knew that he hated him and would never love him back. At this thought my heart ache. I don’t know how long I have been in love with the neko but every time we fight it feels as if a piece of my heart breaks off. However, a part of me likes fighting the neko just to have that skin to skin contact. I looked at my hand. It still tingled form when I slapped Kyo. ‘His skin is so soft and warm’ I thought as I put my hand to my heart.

A knock at my door brought me out of my thoughts. ”Um Yuki-kun, sorry to bother you but dinner’s ready.” Tohru said from behind the door.

“Thank you for informing me Honda-san. I’ll be right down.” I said in a cool sleek voice that masked my sadness.

“Ok.” With that she went to tell the rest of the household members that dinner was ready.

I figured I wouldn’t get much studying done tonight so I set my text book and papers to the side of my deck. I made sure to cover up my emotions before I went downstairs.

Kyo’s POV

I got off the roof and went into the house to eat. I sat down and looked around the table. Shigure was being his same perverted self. Making lewd comments about Tohru. Tohru with her usual beautiful smile on as she was fitting our plates. Yuki was silent and had the same expressionless look he always has. Dinner was normal. Yuki and Tohru were talking while the baka inu was trying to listen in on the conversation. I reached out to grab some sushi when someone put their hand on mine. I looked at the hand and fallowed it to the person it belonged to. “You kuso nezumi get your hand off me!”

Yuki looks down, pulls away, and blushes. “Sorry.” He says barely whispering. Lowering his head so his hair can hide his redden face. “Um, I’m done. So I’m going to my room now.” Yuki stands up and takes his dishes into the kitchen . A few seconds later he walks to his room.

After everyone hears the door close they turn to look at each other and than at me. “Kyo-kun is something wrong with Yuki-kun.“I hear Tohru ask with concern in her voice.

“How the hell should I know!“I yell then go back to eating. ‘I wonder if he’s alright. Ah, it’s not like I care or anything.‘ Kyo thought as everyone went back to eating.

Yuki’s POV

I flopped onto my bed and laid there. I put my hand -the hand that touched Kyo- over my heart. ’We actually held hands. Ok maybe not really, but close enough. Kyo’s hand was so harm and smooth...Ok Yuki breath.’ I fell asleep dreaming of nothing but Kyo.

Author’s Notes: Yuki maybe a little OOC. SORRY!

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